WordPress Themes Troubleshooting 3 Quick Fixes

WordPress Themes Troubleshooting: 3 Quick Fixes

If you don’t know how to handle WordPress Themes such as unzipping the compression, and removing one, then you are in the right place. Following we are giving you a quick guide to solve a few of these issues.

WordPress Themes Troubleshooting 3 Quick Fixes

Unpack a Theme

Most WordPress Themes come in zip format as the platform supports it. If you want to unzip, just install WinRaR and use it to unzip the theme. Once done, login to FTP Manager and locate wp-content/Themes folder, or the WordPress Installation and unload the unzipped file directly onto your server.

Activate a Theme

There is a difference between installing a theme and activating it. You can browse the installed themes from WP Dashboard. Go to Appearance> Themes and you will see a list of installed themes, you can choose to preview or activate them.

Removing a Theme

You were browsing for new WordPress Themes and you got your heart set on one. Now in order to upload that theme, you have to get rid of the one you have installed already. This isn’t a complex procedure but you need to be careful.

Going into Detail…

In order to browse, go to Appearance> Themes and click on delete or remove any theme. Don’t delete your life theme directly. Just switch to another theme at first and then delete the existing theme. Login to FTP manager and find wp-content/Themes and delete when you want to get rid of them. However, the dashboard method is a lot better. If you switch from any WP Theme whose SEO features you dose, don’t forget to export and import it to your new theme. You can use as many plugins as you like.

WordPress Themes Troubleshooting 3 Quick Fixes 2

You can easily move your existing plugins to your new theme with WordPress SEO. It will import the SEO settings from the current theme to new one.