Udemy Instructor Receives One Month Suspension for Organizing DDoS Attack

Udemy has handed out a one-month suspension to one of their instructors, Clifton Krahenbill aka Prof. K, for encouraging his 34,000 students to organize a DDoS attack against an illegal torrent site that had pirated one of his hacking courses.

Professor K teaches for a number of online schools, universities, Udemy and owns and operates Syberoffense. The instructor was not available for further comment but in a response to the one-month suspension, Professor Krahenbill stated he accepts the suspension but feels he has fallen on his sword for the hundreds of instructors at Udemy that have had their courses pirated by this site.

The site in question is no longer online Udemy has a legal and anti-pirating department and aggressively goes after sites that pirate courses off of Udemy using legal means. Udemy does not encourage or condone any rogue behavior by their instructors encouraging Udemy students to carry out an illegal DDoS attack regardless of the reason.