Is It Possible to Connect the Human Mind with Electronics

Is It Possible to Connect the Human Mind with Electronics?

Finding a way for a computer and brain to connect direct seemed impossible, and remained a dream. The popular media only made people crazy for it. A wireless transmitter that will replace amputated limps with prosthetic ones.

Is It Possible to Connect the Human Mind with Electronics

There are a lot of people use wireless brain computer. After a decade of research, there are a few commercialized products that are transmitted to a person’s mind to transmit radio commands from implants.

Idea Still in Process

The idea was around for decades but there was no significant breakthrough until 2004 when the first brain-silicone chip connection was established.  The fruit of a series of test to integrate computers with human brain to help people monitor vital signs in order artificial limbs, correct memory loss and vision impairment. The connection with electronics paved a way for young minds to venture into the field and test things in their way.

There are two types of electronics to brain connection. The first one is Neurochip in which a silicon chip is planted into the brain. The second one is dubbed as Brain-Computer interface in which a enhanced brain connects with an external device.  There are regulations posed for both these concepts as significant breakthroughs have been made.

Is It Possible to Connect the Human Mind with Electronics 2

How It Affects Our Lives?

This can be a major win for medical electronics as we will finally have a reliable solution to connect the human mind with prosthetic limbs. This will also grant human mind the ability to control other devices as they please. In simple words, this can be the next medical breakthrough, or a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The possibilities are endless with nay of these connections. Right now, the best brains around world are figuring out new ways to bring this concept to life and introduce it to the life of common man.