Why Pay for Reseller Hosting Plan

Why Pay for Reseller Hosting Plan?

Reseller hosting plans let the account holder to resell the account service. The account owners can be people who are looking to share their own hosting server with other business, the products that can be resold are virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and shared web hosting accounts.  The seller basically acts as a middle man between the parent company and the client.

Why Pay for Reseller Hosting Plan

Better Features than a Basic Plan

Hosting companies assure that the reseller maintains controller over service offering and customer accounts. This lets the customer use advanced features of reseller plan. Getting full control over your service offering lets the reseller create their own store which has categories of hosting products. The hosting lets reseller access to customer information including billing info, contact details, and current account status. This may give the owner an advantage, but it’s crucial info of the client.

Low Cost and Expense

Most reseller plans don’t cost much. They are profitable for people who purchase plans to increase the number of parent web hosting customer indirectly. Reseller carefully market their services but most hosting services promise a service branding that lets others see their services mentioned all over the internet. The reseller business model is very simple and most parent companies that offer reseller hosting are required to have all the necessary tools to remain in competition.


Unlike basic hosting plans, the reseller comes with revenue generation. It gets money from different services including managing data and servers for businesses that lack the resources to do it themselves.  Acting like the middle man can help you get commission when the client purchases a new account from parent company. The fact is, most people are unaware of the fact that their host is a reseller and they lack the staff to help the client with their needs. This is a prolific situation, but you need to be careful.