4 Ways to Protect Your Professional Camera

4 Ways to Protect Your Professional Camera

You are a professional photographer, and you saved money to buy your equipment.  They are helping you make money, yeah your camera and stuff earns your bread. So you better show them the respect they deserve and protect them at all cost. If you have no clue, then read on the following, they will give you good hints.

4 Ways to Protect Your Professional Camera

Cap, and Clean Your Lens

You need to protect the lens at all cost. Make personal commitment to keep the camera and lens covered. Keep your caps in use, they will keep your lens scratch free and safe. Lens cleaners come in single packs, multi-packs, spray-packs, wipes. Buy these in bulk quantity to keep multiple in camera bag, or in your reach. Even if you lens are perfect clean and covered, you need to keep the wipes to keep camera clean. Never forget to clean the viewfinder and live view screen.

Silica Gels

Your cameras get exposed to many conditions including indoor heat, air conditioning, indoor heat, and other elements. It will be better if you take silica packages found in packing material for silica capsules in medicine container. Keep these in your camera bags to absorb moisture. However, I you have this stuff in your camera bag, you better keep it out of children range.

Rain Sleeve

A pack of rain sleeves won’t cost you much. There is one in every camera bag for controlling different situations. If you have a smaller camera or lens then a zip log will serve your needs. Just make sure you have one whenever you go out with your gear.

4 Ways to Protect Your Professional Camera 2

Camera Bag

There are high end camera bags, and back packs that come in all shapes and sizes. Find the right one for your camera and your accessories.  Select a sturdy bag that can protect your stuff against all odds.