4 Tips to Improve Your Mobiles Battery Life

4 Tips to Improve Your Mobiles Battery Life

Have you heard of the cellphone addiction? It looks like mobiles have started to ceate some Trouble. Well, if you depend on your cellphone too much, then you better know a few tricks to conserve the battery life. If you don’t know where to start, let the following tips help you out!

4 Tips to Improve Your Mobiles Battery Life

Turn off Wifi

Nothing drain your mobiles battery like Wifi. If you don’t need it, turn off wifi and Bluetooth. Doing this will considerably improve your battery life. Make a routine, and make sure it is turned off when there is no paired connection available.

When you are turning off the Wifi, make sure you do the same thing for Bluetooth, and GPS Services.

Don’t Put Too Much Load on It

Never leave useless apps running in the background. Multi-tasking stands for running more than one app at a time. It’s a powerful feature that boosts productivity. But it can counter your efficiency if not use properly. Some apps need more juice from your device, and they will drain the life as quick as possible. You need to take the load off your CPU and reduce its power consumption.

Dim Brightness and Cut Timeout Duration

Increasing the brightness consumes more power. Therefore if you don’t need the brightness lit up to the top, take it down a notch and conserve your battery.  Use the auto-brightness feature which adjusts the screen brightness to suit ambient lighting levels. This mode uses less power than running the screen at full brightness. Try to use the power conserve option as much as you can. It will extend the battery hours significantly.

4 Tips to Improve Your Mobiles Battery Life 2

Avoid Vibration

We all have our preferences when it comes to phone alerts. The temptation to use vibration is understandable but it drains your battery life. The vibration motor rotates a small weight which shakes your whole device. Shaking the device consumes your battery like nothing else. So if you really want to improve your device’s battery life, you better turn it off.