4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Do you want to root your android device? It’s a good initiative and you should take it. Rooting our device has many benefits, most you never heard of. It grants you complete freedom to do whatever you like with your smartphone. If you are not convinced, try the following!

4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Improve Performance

Rooting your android phone helps to speed things up while draining less battery. Rooting grants you more power, there are many apps like SetCpu which lets you overclock your phone for improved performance. There are a ton of apps but nothing is as effecting as rooting your device.

Unwanted Adds and Spyware

The most attractive thing about rooting your phone is it gives you complete control over your device. People make money off in app ads but they use your mobile data. Therefore if you completely want to get rid of them, you can root your device. There are many applications for rooted android phones that will help you out. The only way to block ads with a non-rooted device is turning to airplane mode.

Back up Your Phone

You have heard this many times, and on difference occasions, but it seems you can care less. Well this doesn’t change the fact that you are risking to lose every bit of information. Well if you are not a fan of this whole idea of rooting your android, this might help you reconsider. Your files are much safer with a rooted device as compared to a non-rooted one.

4 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone 2

Get Rid of Crap Software

the thing with most android brands today is  they preload the device with heavy bloat ware, and it affects the performance.  When you root your device, you get rid of all the bloat ware installed and this kicks in more performance from your device. You will notice it becomes pretty snappy without the useless apps.