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Tips and Tricks to Buy Tablets in 2022

In this modern age, who does not need a Smartphone. But one can be a fan of Tablets that is more suitable than a relatively small smartphone. People prefer a tablet because they want to:

  • Play games on the big screen
  • Watch movies and listen to music with enhanced user experience
  • Improve productivity
  • Read books
  • Sync with HDTV
  • Video chat with friends and family conveniently


Tips and Tricks to Follow While Buying a Tablet in 2022

Like so many other people, you might also be thinking of purchasing a brand new tablet. But wait! Not every electronic device is reliable, so you need to be clever while selecting one for you. Here are some tips to follow:

  • It is crucial to figure out the purpose of tablet usage. For instance, if you need it for professional work, you should look for one capable of making video calls. And if you are purchasing it just for entertainment, check for the quality of features like a speaker, display, battery, and accessory ports.
  • Storage should not be less than 64 GB. It is better if it has an SD card slot.
  • Processors like Mediatek P22 are less efficient so avoid these. Go for the Snapdragon 600 series or Helio G85 instead.
  • Do not compromise on the RAM of the tablet. Tablets with RAM lower than 3 GB often lag and affect the performance.
  • If you love to capture photos, the camera should be at least an 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera.
  • The tablet should have the latest Android or IOS version. It should have easy access to accessories, file systems, and easy-to-use operating systems.
  • It should also have ideal battery life, e.g. At least 5000 to 7000maH battery
  • Check for the warranty and options in case of any hazard.

Hence, these are the tips and tricks which you can use to follow in 2022. For more information check this link

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9 Reasons to Use a VPN Extension For Firefox

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use a VPN extension for Firefox. Here are nine of the most important:


  1. To protect your privacy

A VPN extension encrypts your traffic, making it much harder for anyone to spy on what you’re doing online. This is especially important when using public Wi-Fi networks, which are notoriously insecure.

  1. To access blocked websites  

A VPN extension can help you get around censorship and access websites that are blocked in your country.

  1. To improve your security

A VPN extension provides an extra layer of security, making it harder for hackers to steal your data or exploit your computer.

  1. To avoid tracking

Many websites track your behavior online by collecting information about the sites you visit and the searches you make. A VPN extension helps keep your identity hidden and prevents companies from profiling you.

  1. To save money on flights and hotels 

Some travel websites charge different prices depending on your location. A VPN extension lets you as if you’re located in a different country, allowing you to get the best deals.

  1. To avoid throttling

ISPs in some countries slow down certain types of traffic, such as video streaming and file downloads. A VPN extension lets you route this traffic through a server outside your country, freeing up bandwidth for other tasks.

  1. To access region-restricted content

Some video streaming services, such as Netflix, are only available in certain countries. A VPN extension lets you access them from anywhere in the world.

  1. To improve your online gaming experience

By using a VPN extension, you can route your traffic through a server located close to the game servers, improving your connection speed and reducing lag.

  1. To access streaming services that are not available in your country

A VPN extension can be used to spoof your location and make it appear as if you’re in a different country, allowing you to access streaming services that are not available in your region.

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5 Most Common Issues with Garage Doors

Garage doors can be susceptible to a number of common issues. Here are the five most common ones:


  1. Malfunctioning garage door opener – One of the most common problems with garage doors is a malfunctioning garage door opener. If your opener is not working, first make sure that it is properly plugged into an outlet and that the power is on. If it is plugged in and the power is on, then you may need to replace the garage door opener.
  2. Broken or damaged springs – Garage door springs are responsible for lifting and lowering the door. If one of your door springs is broken or damaged, it can cause the door to not open or close properly. You will need garage door repair Norfolk to replace the springs.
  3. Warped or rusted garage door – The garage door may warp due to weather conditions, old age, or improper garage door care, which makes it difficult to open and close easily. If your garage door is warped or rusted, you can hire a garage door repair company to fix it for you.
  4. Clogged or rusty garage door tracks – The garage door tracks can become clogged with dirt, leaves, and other debris, which will make the garage door difficult to open and close. You can clean the tracks yourself with a broom or hire a garage door repair company to do it for you.
  5. Damaged garage door panels – Garage door panels can be damaged by weather conditions, accidents, or even vandals. If one of your garage door panels is damaged, you will need garage door repair to have it replaced.

If you are experiencing any of these common garage door issues, please call a garage door repair company for assistance. They will be able to help you get your garage door up and running again in no time.

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