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2 Quick Ways to Install WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the best platforms to run your online empire. There are a ton of WordPress Themes available to choose from, the support is great, and you have countless plugins. But if you are using it the first time, and don’t know how to install a WordPress theme, than stick around!

2 Quick Ways to Install WordPress Themes

Install from Theme Page

You can install WordPress Themes from themes page. It only works with free themes available in the directory. To do so, you need to go to Appearance>Themes from WordPress Dashboard.  You will find Add New Theme button right next to Default Themes. Click on the box, click Add New button on Top of the page, and move to the next page.

You will see the featured themes at first. To find the one that suits you, search and use filters.  Click the Feature Filter link and provide a name or aspect in the search box. Once you have something suitable, hover over the theme and you get three options, detail, install, and preview.  The first and last option are same, click and they will open the theme in full screen.

Upload via WordPress Dashboard

You a zipped archive of theme file, download the theme and save it on your HD. Log on to WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearances> Themes Page. Click on Add New Theme and then Upload Theme.  Click Choose File and select the Zipped Archive. WordPress Themes install automatically this way. Afterwards, you will be taken to a page from which you can choose to preview or activate it.

2 Quick Ways to Install WordPress Themes 2

End Word

The market is very competitive, and there are endless array of WordPress Themes.  There are hundreds of new themes each month, but not all of them follow the coding standards and tested. A badly coded theme can ruin your site. So you better test it before uploading.