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3 Tips to Refine Your Camera Work

Are you happy with your camera work? No, do you want to refine it? It isn’t as hard as you seem to believe. Just a few tricks up your sleeve and you will survive.

3 Tips to Refine Your Camera Work


Most mobiles are approaching for dual lens. In theory, it improves focus. One camera is responsible for taking black and white images while the second camera takes colored photographs. The movement of focusing speed has become marginal, the most important aspects are what the camera focuses on sharply to deliver crisp and well detailed photo. When you capture something, both cameras take simultaneous images in color, black and white are stitched together for a bright image. This process delivers better results with good color reproduction and ample light.


This is a special effect achieved with careful camera work. It helps you to focus on a photograph by blurring background. With a traditional camera, you will achieve a bokeh effect if you use a wire aperture zoom lens with small image sensor and a fixed focal length lens. Boken in portraits aint but softwares in smartphones have turned things around. The post processing lets you added a coveted blurry background effect to a normal picture.

This grants content creators the freedom to adjust the focus after you capture the image.  Now you can retell the storage in a different way by just adjusting what’s in focus.

3 Tips to Refine Your Camera Work 2


There are benefits of using multiple lenses if you own a DSLR. Use an wide angle lens for landscapes, try a 24mm. The second camera lens should be a 35mm which will help you with different focal length instead of zooming. the first is prime lenses are compact because prime lenses are sharp with minimal distortion. Prime lenses are less expensive as compared to the long zoom lenses.